Eels / 滑頭合唱團【Useless Trinkets: B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased 1996-2006 / 珍蒐十年稀有錄音精選】(2CD+DVD精裝盤)
2008.02.22 發行~
編號:174 601-4

* 珍蒐1996~2006十年之間Eels稀有錄音、B-side 曲目、電影配樂作品、以及從未商業發行的精采作品
* 全新數位錄音 精美別冊再收樂團首度曝光照片與首腦 E 的歌曲文字介紹

由音樂魔法師 E 領軍的Eels / 滑頭合唱團,被紐約客雜誌形容為「當代流行樂壇最稀有、最獨特的聲音」﹔’96年初試啼聲大作【Beautiful Freak】榮獲滾石雜誌、娛樂週刊..等重量級傳媒評選為「年度十大最佳專輯」﹔'98年起陸續發行樂風千變萬化、充滿實驗精神的『Electro-Shock Blues』、『Daisies Of The Galaxy』、『Souljacker』、『Shootenanny!』、『Blinking Lights and Other Revelations』、『With Strings: Live At Town Hall』等作品,一再贏得滾石雜誌、時代雜誌、倫敦 Sunday Times、NME 音樂雜誌…讚不絕口的超優好評!在樂團成功邁向下一個十年之際,環球音樂特地推出雙 CD 加 DVD 豪華精裝的【Useless Trinkets: B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased 1996-2006】,一網打盡包括演唱會上最受樂迷喜愛的 “Living Life”、翻唱 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 的 "I Put A Spell On You"、重新詮釋 Prince 的 "If I Was Your Girlfriend"、英國 BBC 電台表演實況錄音、以及「The End Of Violence」、「Holes」、「How The Grinch Stole Christmas」多部電影插曲…等50首 Eels 於1996~2006十年之間的稀有錄音、B-side 曲目、以及電影配樂作品。DVD 則首度收錄 Eels 於 2006年在美國娛樂盛典 Lollapalooza 音樂祭上的精湛演出!

曲目:*previously unreleased
CD1 曲目:
01. Novocaine For The Soul (Live From Hell)
02. F#&!@r
03. My Beloved Monster (Live From Tennessee)
04. Dog's Life
05. Susan's Apartment
06. Manchester Girl (BBC)
07. Flower (BBC)
08. My Beloved Mad Monster Party (BBC)
09. Animal
10. Stepmother
11. Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas
12. Your Lucky Day In Hell (Michael Simpson Remix)*
13. Altar Boy
14. Novocaine For The Soul (Moog Cookbook Remix)
15. If I Was Your Girlfriend (Live)*
16. Bad News
17. Funeral Parlor
18. Hospital Food (BBC)
19. Open The Door (BBC)
20. Birdgirl On A Cell Phone
21. Vice President Fruitley
22. My Beloved Monstrosity
23. Dark End Of The Street (Live)*
24. The Cheater's Guide To Your Heart (Live)*
25. Useless Trinkets*

CD2 曲目:
01. Mr. E's Beautiful Remix
02. Souljacker Part I (Alternate Version)*
03. Dog Faced Boy (Alternate Version)*
04. Jennifer Eccles
05. Rotten World Blues
06. Can't Help Falling In Love
07. Christmas Is Going To The Dogs
08. Mighty Fine Blues
09. Eyes Down
10. Skywriting
11. Taking A Bath In Rust
12. Estranged Friends*
13. Her
14. Waltz Of The Naked Clowns
15. I Like Birds (Live)*
16. Sad Foot Sign
17. Living Life
18. The Bright Side
19. After The Operation
20. Jelly Dancers
21. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Live At Town Hall)
22. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (Live At Town Hall)
23. I Want To Protect You*
24. I Put A Spell On You (Live)*
25. Saw A UFO*

[DVD]:Eels Lollapalooza 2006 Live Performance
01. Saturday Morning
02. Eyes Down
03. My Beloved Monster
04. A Magic World
05. Not Ready Yet
06. Souljacker Part I


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