Mike + The Mechanics / 麥可與機師合唱團【The Singles 1985-2014 / 超級精選+新歌】(Deluxe Edition / 2CD盤)

2014.2.11 發行~




* 搖滾名人堂Genesis創始成員Mike Rutherford一手打造的超級樂團

* 跨越Virgin Records和Sony Music兩大廠牌時期的暢銷歌曲一次網羅

* 精選“Silent Running( On Dangerous Ground )”、“All I Need Is A Miracle”、“The Living Years”…等全美TOP 10暢銷曲,特蒐B-Sides、現場收音作、未發行珍稀曲,以及2014全新歌曲“When My Feet Don't Touch The Ground”

Mike + The Mechanics-The Singles 1985-2014  


在入籍搖滾名人堂的前衛搖滾經典天團Genesis中擔任重要角色的Mike Rutherford,先後於1980和1982年發表『Smallcreep’s Day』和『Acting Very Strange』兩張單飛不解散個人專輯,更一手打造超級樂團Mike + The Mechanics,締造另一波事業高峰。1985-2004年間,陸續發行六張錄音室作品,一再開出多張金唱片銷售佳績。睽違將近七年之久,Mike + The Mechanics重回搖滾舞台,推出轉換新東家的矚目大碟。


這張超級精選特輯【The Singles 1985-2014】網羅跨越Virgin Records和Sony Music兩大廠牌時期的暢銷歌曲,包括:1985年一口氣寫下“Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)”與“All I Need Is A Miracle”兩首美國TOP 10單曲;感人至深的“Living Years”,描述親子間代溝問題,也同樣敘述了別離與遺憾之情,拱出US第一冠軍作品,提名角逐葛萊美獎「最佳年度歌曲」,抱走英國作曲家協會音樂獎(Ivor Novello Awards)「最佳詞曲創作歌曲」肯定;另外,還特蒐B-Sides、現場收音作、未發行珍稀曲,以及2014全新歌曲“When My Feet Don't Touch The Ground”,千萬別輕易錯過!


[CD 1]

01. Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)  

02. All I Need Is A Miracle  

03. The Living Years  

04. Word Of Mouth  

05. Over My Shoulder  

06. A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold  

07. Another Cup Of Coffee  

08. Now That You've Gone  

09. Taken In  

10. Nobody's Perfect  

11. Everybody Gets A Second Chance  

12. Nobody Knows  

13. Seeing Is Believing  

14. A Time And Place  

15. Whenever I Stop  

16. Reach Out (Touch The Sun)  

17. Try To Save Me  

18. When My Feet Don't Touch The Ground


[CD 2]

01. One By One  

02. Nobody Told Me  

03. I Think I've Got The Message  

04. Too Many Friends  

05. You Never Change  

06. Always The Last To Know  

07. You Don't Know What Love Is  

08. Boys At The Front  

09. Perfect Child  

10. My Crime Of Passion [Acoustic Version]  

11. Little Boy  

12. Help Me  

13. Revolution  

14. I Get The Feeling [Live]  

15. Taken In [Live]  

16. Word Of Mouth [East West Mix]  

17. Too Far Gone


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