"Do You Know? (The ping Pong Song) / 你知道嗎? (乒乓頌)"

This guy is the hottest young video director out there right now / 這傢伙是現在爆紅的新銳導演
Hope he’s good / 希望他夠屌
He’s good! He’s “clase” too, very professional. / 他很屌!也很有「品味」、非常專業
Hey~問好 / 嘿 你好
How’s the deal, Pete? / 現在是什麼情形?
And here is Enrique / 這位是安立奎
Hey Enrique. / 嘿 安立奎
How are u doing? / 近來可好
Honor. I’m listening to your song right now / 很榮幸 我正在聽你的新歌
I’ve been living your life in the past five days / 這五天我都過安立奎的生活
Amazing! This is you, living your life, a rock star! Please sit down. / 棒透了!真的是你,活生生的你,一個大明星!請坐
Move. C’mon. Right there, right there, please, please, please / 過去點 來來 這裡這裡 請坐請坐
Have a seat, c’mon. Sorry about the mess / 請坐啊 別客氣 抱歉有點亂
Here’s my idea. Check it out! / 這是我的想法 仔細聽!
Pool side, girls everywhere. / 泳池 到處是辣妹
Right, you like that , right, Enrique? / 不錯吧!你很哈吧?安立奎
We’re talking the ultimate glamour life style. Alright. / 我們要呈現的是最頂級的巨星生活 聽好了
Black and white stock build. / 黑白經典電影
coming over your shoulder. / 鏡頭從肩膀切入
Crisp white suit, you drinking the espresso, you keeping the crispy all the way /
帥氣白色西裝 你開始喝咖啡 表情要一直很酷
Just a girl over there, and you like her /
一個女孩走出來 你很哈她

Do you know? / 你知道嗎?
Do you know? / 你知道嗎?

Do you know what it feels like, / 你知道嗎?這種感覺
loving someone, / 愛著一個人
That’s in a rush to throw you away, / 對方卻急著把你甩開
Do you know what if feels like, / 你知道嗎?這種感覺
to be the last one, / 最後一個人
To know the lock on the door has changed, / 知道對方把門鎖換掉

Birds, flying south is a sign of changes, / 候鳥, 季節轉換開始起飛
At least you can predict this every year, / 至少, 這種轉變不難預料
Love, you never know the minute it ends suddenly, / 愛情 莫名結束在最後一秒
I can’t get her to speak / 她一句話也不說

Maybe if I knew all the things it took to save us, / 是不是早點知道 一切就可以挽回
I can fix the pain that bleeds inside of me, / 心痛少一點 痛苦緩一點
The look in your eyes don’t say the same about me, / 妳看著我的時候 眼神早就改變
I’m standing on the edge and I don’t know what else to give / 我在崩潰邊緣 不知道如何繼續


How can I love you (4x) / 我怎麼愛妳 (4遍)
If you just don’t talk to me babe / 如果妳什麼都不說 寶貝

I flow through my head, / 我想了又想
Is the question is she needing, / 問題是她需要的人
Another side of a man I cannot be, / 是另一個人我無法扮演
Looking at the last three years like I did, / 過去這三年付出的一切
I could never see us, ending like this / 沒想到會這樣說再見

(Do you know?) / (你知道嗎?)
Seeing your face no more on my pillow, / 醒來看不見妳的臉
Is a scene I said never happen to / 是我從未有過的惡夢
(Do you know?) / (你知道嗎?)
But after this episode I now see, / 劇情不斷出乎意料
You can never tell how the next day life could be / 未來人生將會如何轉變

Bang!! / 砰!!
She gets hit by a car. Lost forever. / 她被車撞 永遠的走了
It’s about impact. ./ 很衝擊人心吧
We’re pushing the envelope here. ./ 我們就要拿到奧斯卡獎
Ugh…/ ㄜ…
It’s alright, it’s alright. / 沒關係 沒關係
I got a better idea / 我有更好的點子
OK. We’re in the woods, light coming through the trees / OK 我們在樹林裡 樹叢裡透著光線
You’re with your high school sweetheart. / 你和你的初戀情人見面

Chorus x2 / 副歌2遍
Do you know? (x4) / 你知道嗎? (4遍)
Chorus x2 / 副歌2遍
Do you know? Do you know? Do you know? Do you know? (x2) / 你知道嗎?你知道嗎?你知道嗎?你知道嗎?(2遍)

Boo! / 噗!!
Lost, over the cliff, gone forever. / 不見了 掉下懸崖 永遠的走了
What do you think? / 怎麼樣?
Brilliant, right? / 超屌吧?
I know there’s a lot to talking, there’s a lot of thinking. / 我知道內容太紮實 花了很多時間想的
Good, huh? / 酷吧?
Give me a minute / 我需要點時間……
Hey, alright. / 嘿 沒問題
Lost of love. 2008 / 我愛你們 2008
We’ll be in touch. / 我們再連絡
We’re going to the future, Enrique. / 我們要一起邁向未來!安立奎
Pass the term, the future. Huh! / 要超越未來 酷!
How do you like it, babe? / 你覺得酷不酷 寶貝?
How do you like it? / 你覺得很酷吧?


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