Michael Jackson / 麥可傑克森【Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection / 經典紀念冊】(3CD 全球限量盤)
2009.09.08 發行~
編號:179 246-9

* 典藏永遠的流行樂之王:3CD 精選麥可傑克森於摩城單飛時期的 71 首暢銷代表作,48 頁精緻書裝紀念冊私藏多楨獨家照片,值得樂迷珍愛收藏 


不到 10 歲,他就已經是超級巨星 King Of Pop。擔任主唱,與四位兄長 Jermaine、Marlon、Jackie、Tito合組 Jackson 5,在 1967 年 8 月登上紐約阿波羅劇院參加歌唱比賽,獲得當年摩城唱片創始人 Berry Gordy 以及巨星 Diana Ross 的賞識,隔年正式出道,全球歌壇譽為天才。Michael Jackson / 麥可傑克森,一個傳奇人物,留下了一生經典,於美西時間 6 月 25 日下午 2 點 26 分與世長辭,享年 50 歲。

為了紀念永遠的流行樂之王-麥可傑克森,環球音樂特別企劃【Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection】紀念特輯,3CD 共計 71 首曲目,精選自麥可在摩城唱片旗下單飛時期的四張個人專輯【Got To Be There】、【Ben】、【Music & Me】、【Forever, Michael】,以及兩張精選特輯【Farewell My Summer Love】(1984)、【Looking Back To Yesterday】(1986) 裡頭的流行經典,包括:入選滾石雜誌「史上五百首經典歌曲」名單、眾多歌手爭相翻唱的靈魂大使 Bill Withers 經典動人大作 "Ain’t No Sunshine";生平首支百萬銷售美國冠軍曲 + 提名奧斯卡 & 金球獎「最佳歌曲」"Ben";麥可單飛後首支單曲 "Got To Be There";1975 年於 Motown 最後一張專輯【Forever, Michael】中的抒情小品 "One Day In Your Life",此曲於 1981 年重新發行時奪下英國金榜第一支冠軍紀錄;翻唱盲眼天王 Stevie Wonder 的 1968 年暢銷作品 "Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day";另外,還有 "My Girl"、"You've Got A Friend"…等耳熟能詳翻唱曲。將當年的黑膠絕版作品 3CD 化精選記錄,精緻典雅的書裝紀念冊私藏多楨獨家照片,值得樂迷珍愛收藏。

1. Ain't No Sunshine
02. I Wanna Be Where You Are
03. Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me
04. In Our Small Way
05. Got To Be There
06. Rockin' Robin
07. Wings Of My Love
08. Maria (You Were The Only One)
09. Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
10. You've Got A Friend
11. Ben
12. Greatest Show On Earth
13. People Make The World Go Round
14. We've Got A Good Thing Going
15. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
16. My Girl
17. What Goes Around Comes Around
18. In Our Small Way
19. Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day
20. You Can Cry On My Shoulder
(Bonus Tracks-Original Mixes):
21. Don't Let It Get You Down
22. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
23. Melodie
24. Touch The One You Love

01. With A Child's Heart
02. Up Again
03. All The Things You Are
04. Happy (Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues")
05. Too Young
06. Doggin' Around
07. Johnny Raven
08. Euphoria
09. Morning Glow
10. Music And Me
11. We're Almost There
12. Take Me Back
13. One Day In Your Life
14. Cinderella Stay Awhile
15. We've Got Forever
16. Just A Little Bit Of You
17. You Are There
18. Dapper-Dan
19. Dear Michael
20. I'll Come Home To You
(Bonus Tracks-Original Mixes):
21. Girl You're So Together
22. Farewell My Summer Love
23. Call On Me

01. When I Come Of Age
02. Teenage Symphony
03. I Hear A Symphony
04. Give Me Half A Chance
05. Love's Gone Bad
06. Lonely Teardrops
07. You're Good For Me
08. That's What Love Is Made Of
09. I Like You The Way You Are (Don't Change Your Love On Me)
10. Who's Lookin’ For A Lover
11. I Was Made To Love Her
12. If’N I Was God
(Bonus Tracks-Original Mixes):
13. To Make My Father Proud
14. Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
15. Twenty-Five Miles
16. Don't Let It Get You Down
17. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
18. Melodie
19. Touch The One You Love
20. Girl You're So Together
21. Farewell My Summer Love
22. Call On Me
23. Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
24. To Make My Father Proud


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